3rd Grade

Are your 3rd graders ready for The Challenge? Hardy Heart, Sir Rebrum and Windy, the lungs know that they are! The 3rd grade curriculum focuses on teaching kids what only doctors know about preventing cardiovascular disease and stroke. They learn the lifestyle habits that contribute to this disease and, more importantly, what they can do to prevent it. Round out this challenging lesson with fun and educational DVDs, dolls and an in-class physical activity component. Be sure to head to our Educator Tools page for basic and extended lesson plans for your convenience!

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  • The Healthy Heart Challenge

    $ 17.95
  • The Healthy Heart Challenge Activity Book (3rd Grade)

    $ 4.95
  • Set of 8 OrganWise Guys DVDs

    $ 100.44
  • The OrganWise Guys “Shorts!”

    $ 49.95
  • OrganWise Dolls with Beanies

    $ 89.00$ 199.00
  • WISERCISE! Kits/Calendars

    $ 12.95$ 29.95
  • Healthy Heart Challenge Assembly Kit

    $ 75.00

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