Monthly Behavior Tracking Calendar

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The calendar is designed for use beginning any month of any year. Have fun creating healthy behavior changes one month/one habit at a time!

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The calendar is designed for use beginning any month of any year. Great as an incentive item. There are no actual dates on the calendar which makes it possible to implement at any time of the year and avoid having to discard out-dated calendars.This calendar is four-color throughout and can serve as a stand-alone behavior tracking tool or as an evaluation tool for data collection on behavior.

  • January: Begin a year of exercise.
  • February: Make low-fat choices that are wise.
  • March: A good breakfast gives you energy to play.
  • April: Showers bring the water you should drink every day.
  • May: Work to strengthen bones.
  • June: Protect yourselves from those harmful unknowns.
  • July: Food safety begins with washing your hands.
  • August: Add fiber to all your meal plans.
  • September: Make sure you eat fruits and veggies each day.
  • October: Take care of your teeth, so they won’t go away!
  • November: Give thanks for good health and such.
  • December: Beware that you don’t eat too much.


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