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Every parent or teacher should have access to educational resources on how they can add healthy foods to their child’s meals and how they can also incorporate more physical activity into their child’s activities. That’s why we have decided to carve out this brand new spot on the internet loaded with free resources from The OrganWise Guys. Our new Kids Club promotes healthy eating and physical activity for children and families with a wide array of fun and engaging activities that anyone can use! Sign up for free to access more than 200+ monthly resources!

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The MyPlate image is a great visual for understanding portion sizes and the importance of a balanced diet. We have OrganWise-d MyPlate into fun, educational tools that bring the concept to life in a variety of forms. From books to placemats, and a whole lot in between, this is a one-stop shop to help kids learn how to make smart, balanced choices in a memorable way. So wear your MyPlate apron with pride as you inspire healthy eating and good habits!

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Healthy Baked Eggs

Have you ever tried baked eggs before? Not exactly a frittata and not exactly a fried egg, healthy baked eggs are the perfect combination of both. They take very minimal effort to make and provide a healthy serving of protein, as well as the vitamins and minerals for the vegetables that we add to this […]

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Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

Did you know that you can substitute whole wheat flour for white flour when baking? What better time that September, when whole grains are a Foods of the Month, to try this out?! ICYMI, whole wheat is a subset of whole grain that strictly applies to wheat products. So when a product is labeled whole […]

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