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1st Grade Curriculum – Set of 12 Storybooks

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1st Grade Curriculum


Item #1000-1st 

This item includes all 12 1st Grade Curriculum and comes in an easy to store zipper pouch.  Books can be purchased in English or Spanish and are also available separately.  Be sure to check out the Student Companion Activity Book to extend your programming.

  • School Days Here We Come! – It’s the first day of school and time to meet all The OrganWise Guys classmates!
  • I Think I Forgot Something! – Sir Rebrum is having trouble concentrating at school and realizes he forgot to eat breakfast that day!
  • All Hearts Need Love – Hardy teaches his friends how to “love” all hearts by getting plenty of exercise and by being kind to others.
  • Taking a Healthy Break! – The OrganWise Guys learn the importance of taking a “healthy” break from too much television.
  • My Favorite Drink In The World!* – Calci helps a friend with a new sibling understand how important “milk” is in early life.
  • A Teeth Changing Experience* – Calci learns the importance of taking care of her teeth now… before it’s too late!
  • “Bone Bank” Savings!* – Calci learns about saving for future bone health by eating calcium-rich foods while she is young.
  • An Active Bone Life* – Can you guess which activities help keep Calci M. Bone healthy and strong?
  • Clean Air March! – Windy, the lungs, is all for keeping air quality clean. Join in as they help their city with a Clean Air March!
  • A No Smoking Policy! – Windy learns that second-hand smoke is making her friend sick!
  • A Healthy Victory! – To help out a new friend who has asthma, Windy is on a mission to make all restaurants “No Smoking.”
  • Five a Day Reporter – Windy “secretly” follows Hardy Heart for a day to make sure he’s getting plenty of fruits and veggies.

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