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Set of 4 Gardening Books

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Make gardening a fun adventure for elementary age children as they learn how they can grow their own fruits and veggies! All items also sold separately.

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Set of four storybooks comes in easy to store zipper pouch and includes the following items (All items sold separately):

    • “Organ”-ic Gardening – The OrganWise Guys learn the important steps of planting and growing a fruit and vegetable garden. They show how this fun project can be done almost anywhere with the right plan and plenty of teamwork!
    • Concentrating on Fruits & Veggies – Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a great way to give your OrganWise Guys the vitamins and nutrients they need to keep your body healthy. Leave it to Sir Rebrum to think of a fun and colorful way to remember this lesson!
    • Harvesting Health – The OrganWise Guys were delighted to see the bountiful harvest from their own “Organ”-ic garden. To celebrate their successful crop, they had a Harvesting Health party using the delicious home grown fruits and vegetables!
    • Growing a Community – See what happens when a neighborhood bands together to grow not only delicious fruits and vegetables, but new friendships and a sense of community as well. Now that’s one healthy harvest!


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