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2nd Grade Curriculum – Set of 12 Storybooks

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2nd Grade Curriculum


This item includes all 12 2nd Grade Curriculum and comes in an easy to store zipper pouch.  Books can be purchased in English or Spanish and are also available separately.  Be sure to check out the Student Companion Activity Book to extend your programming.

  • Are You Germ-Wise? – Sir Rebrum and Pepto are conducting an experiment to see if their friends are washing their hands properly.
  • Food Safety 101 – Pepto learns the important rules of handling and preparing food, proper clean-up and food storage.
  • Making OrganWise Choices! – Sir Rebrum demonstrates how capable youngsters are of making healthful decisions.
  • Concentrating on Fruits and Veggies – Sir Rebrum encourages students to “concentrate” on colorful food choices.
  • Poetry in Motion – Madame Muscle cures writer’s block with a healthy snack and some exercise.
  • A Family Meal Plan – Meal time is more than just filling your stomach; it also includes building nutritious meals together.
  • An Active Role Model – Madame Muscle helps a new teammate become a “role model” for other new players.
  • Keep your Muscles Moving – Madame Muscle inspires children of all ages to discover activities they enjoy and then DO them!
  • Ideas for a Healthier World – Join in the brainstorming session for all kinds of great ideas to help make the world a healthier one.
  • MyPlate Project – Learn what the different colors of MyPlate stand for … in a fun-filled way!
  • A High-Fiber Movement – Join Peri and learn why fruits, veggies and whole grains are so important in this High-Fiber Movement.
  • Water Lessons From a Kid – This story colorfully illustrates how the kidneys function and the importance of plenty of water

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