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MyPlate School Assembly Kit

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Suggested for PK-5 Grade

Contains everything needed to conduct a fun, interactive and effective health lesson.

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This speaker’s kit contains everything a presenter needs to conduct a fun, interactive and effective health lesson for elementary age children. The kit provides an in-depth script, a PowerPoint CD, master activity sheets, an evaluation tool, tips for a successful presentation and more! This presentation can be delivered in a group setting (ranging from an individual classroom to a school-wide assembly), is perfect for all grades (2 scripts are included; one for preK-2nd and one for 3rd -5th) and is a great way to kick off an OrganWise initiative. This is also ideal for after-school programs!

    Students will learn:

  • The importance of using MyPlate as a guide to healthy eating.
  • Decision-making about food choices – which foods to increase, which to reduce
  • The importance of including a wide variety of nutritious foods in daily meals
  • Preventing degenerative diseases by choosing healthy lifestyles
  • How to balance eating with physical activity

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